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Rhodium Plating - Alicia Mai
Is your white gold ring yellowing? Time to rhodium plate

We undertake rhodium plating on the premises, which will result in your white gold rings and jewellery being restored to an ‘as-new’ condition. We rhodium plate gold, platinum, and silver rings and jewellery for a brilliant and bright finish. We offer a quick and extremely cost-effective service. We rhodium plate two or three times a week, so depending on when you bring your item in, it would typically take up to three days.

Restore your jewellery to the day it was purchased

Rhodium is fabulous as a plating for jewellery because it is dazzlingly white and mirror-like. It is similar to chrome but much whiter, and one of the most reflective of metals. Rhodium plating enhances the appearance of white gold, and its brightness makes diamonds appear larger. Most white gold jewellery today is therefore rhodium plated, but given it is only a plating it will wear off eventually and the jewellery requires periodic re-plating, making it appear as good as new.

What Is Rhodium Plating
What Is Rhodium Plating
Rhodium Plating Before
Rhodium Plating After
Rhodium Plating Service
What do our customers have to say?

I had my engagement ring cleaned & rhodium plated today and what an amazing job… my ring is just like brand new. Thank you so much… I will definitely be back.

Travelled today to have my wedding and engagement rings rhodium plated. So impressed with the service & price!

Just had my platinum diamond engagement and wedding rings polished and cleaned. They were dull, scratched, and generally In a very poor condition. However, Alicia Mai have worked their magic, and they now look absolutely fantastic! They look brand new! Extremely friendly and professional service. Would definitely recommend and return. 

This morning I had my rings cleaned and rhodium plated and they look brand new. I’m really really pleased with them! The owners are very friendly and the service was excellent, I would definitely recommend!

Highly recommend!!! I had my wedding and engagement rings cleaned and rhodium plated, WOW! They look like new! Thank you so much I’m extremely pleased.

Had my rings and earrings rhodium plated. Very very happy they looked like new! Lovely staff too. Highly recommend.

I’ve just had my rings cleaned and rhodium plated and they look amazing, what a lovely little shop and I would definitely recommend to anyone. Fabulous service!

Rhodium Plating FAQ

Why does white gold need rhodium plating, and is my jewellery rhodium plated?

Almost all white gold jewellery is rhodium plated to give the jewellery a bright, lustrous white finish. Because gold is naturally a yellow metal (unlike, say platinum), even when it is alloyed to turn it white, it is never a ‘pure’ white. Also, there are different qualities of white gold alloys – those that have a high palladium content will be a truer white, whereas inferior alloys may be a more yellow colour, and will need re-plating more frequently.

What is rhodium plating?

Rhodium plating is a process that involves coating a fine layer of rhodium over white gold, platinum, and silver rings and jewellery. Rhodium plating produces a brilliant finish that increases brightness, durability and shine. The natural colour of white gold has a yellow tinge, as it is an alloy of pure yellow gold. Therefore almost all white gold jewellery is rhodium plated to give it a bright white, lustrous finish.

What is rhodium?

Rhodium is a pure silver-white element which is a member of the platinum group, alongside. It is a precious metal that is actually rarer and more expensive than platinum, but rhodium plated gold is a cheaper option to platinum.

How long does rhodium plating take?

On event days, we endeavour to do this whilst you wait; otherwise we rhodium plate two or three times a week, so depending on when you bring your item in, it would typically take up to three days.

How much does rhodium plating cost?

Our prices for rhodium plating are generally £25 for 1 item (most rings and other small items of jewellery), £45 for 2 items and £60 for 3 items. We sometimes offer promotions and hold special events. To find out more, visit our Facebook page: or contact us at

What is the rhodium plating process?

Our rhodium plating service is a five-stage process:

First, we polish the item of jewellery to a brilliant shine, removing all scratches and traces of the old rhodium plating. After the polish has been completed, we then immerse the jewellery in an ultrasonic tank to remove all traces of polishing compound and dirt. Next is submersion in an electrolysis salts tank to remove grease and finger prints which can show as dark patches on your jewellery if not removed, and then to a de-ionised water tank to remove the salts.

Now the piece of jewellery is thoroughly cleaned we add the all-important coat of rhodium plating restoring your jewellery to the day that it was purchased.

How long does rhodium plating last and will it wear off?

Since it is a plating, through everyday wear then it will rub off in time.  The length of time it takes to do this very much depends on the amount and type of wear to which the item is subjected; as a general rule we recommend re-plating at least every six months to keep your jewellery looking pristine.

Does rhodium plating tarnish?

Under normal wear, there is usually no tarnishing; however, occasionally certain types of medication, or particular perfumes, may cause a tarnishing effect on precious metals and rhodium is no exception. However these instances are quite rare.

Can you rhodium plate my yellow gold ring so that it is white?

We are able to plate yellow gold rings, but it is important to bear in mind that the rhodium is only a plating and will wear off in time; with white gold rings (that are white underneath), when the rhodium wears it is far less noticeable than with yellow gold rings.  Yellow gold rings will therefore need re-plating more frequently.

Can you rhodium plate base metal costume jewellery?

We are unable to rhodium plate costume jewellery as base metals contaminate our rhodium plating tanks. We are therefore only able to rhodium plate silver and gold jewellery.

Can you rhodium plate diamond earrings and pendants?

We are able to rhodium plate earrings and pendants, both white and yellow gold. Yellow gold jewellery that does not receive a great deal of hard wear is fine to be rhodium plated, and unlike yellow gold rings, these items do not need frequently re-plating.

Does rhodium plating contain nickel?

No, rhodium plating is nickel-free.

Does rhodium plating damage diamonds and other gemstones?

No, rhodium plating is not an invasive process, and has no adverse effect on most gemstones. However we would not recommend rhodium plating set with more organic gemstones such as opal.

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