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Jewellery Restoration

After taking my wedding ring into a jewelers in Ossett for re-sizing, I was called a couple of weeks later quoting £110. I politely declined and called in to collect the ring. I noticed a neighbouring jewelers on the way back to the car and called in for a quote. I picked it up today for £30. Thank you Alicia Mai Jewelers for a fantastic service.

– John. N

Jeweller Repair & Restoration

Jewellery Restoration

Rhodium Plating

Jewellery Restoration

Jewellery Polishing

Jewellery Restoration

Pearl Stringing

Jewellery Restoration

What is rhodium plating?

Rhodium is fabulous as a plating for jewellery because it is dazzlingly white and mirror-like. It is similar to chrome but much whiter, and one of the most reflective of metals. Rhodium plating enhances the appearance of white gold, and its brightness makes diamonds appear larger. Most white gold jewellery today is therefore rhodium plated, but given it is only a plating it will wear off eventually and the jewellery requires periodic re-plating. We undertake rhodium-plating on the premises, thus are able to offer an incredibly quick and extremely cost-effective service – even down to same day. Please contact us for details.

We offer a full jewellery restoration service

We use state of the art equipment to return your treasured items to pristine conditions. Depending on the level of restoration required, we might be able to perform the necessary restoration onsite in our workshop. Simply bring your jewellery item/s to Alicia Mai and our expert team will give you a verbal estimate free of charge and an approximation of when the repair will be complete.

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