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Surrealist handmade Bjorg jewellery

Bjorg is a Norwegian company founded in 2004 in Oslo. Bjorg releases one complete retail jewellery collection per year. The main collection is extended by a few selected items once a year. All jewellery is hand-crafted. Bjorg jewellery is widely recognized for its individuality and raw elegance. The rough and sometimes playful pieces are loved by men and women all over the world with a passion for style, fashion, aesthetics and art.

Bjorg is always unpredictable and looking for the beauty of imperfection, balancing the fine and the raw. Each and every element in the Bjorg jewellery collection can be perceived as a little story teller and can also be part of a bigger adventure. Bjorg jewellery is inspired by Picasso’s abstract expression of the human face, early cubism, futurism and Dadaism, human body parts, animal body parts and, to quote the brand itself, ‘Charles Darwin experiments and ancient myths’. Their latest collection, Bjorg Odyssey, is as delicious a blend of gothic quirk and natural ruggedness as ever.

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