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American Spirit - Swiss Precision

Hamilton watches have unique shapes, personality and design

Known for its innovative designs, Hamilton watches combine American spirit with Swiss precision. The brand’s rich heritage includes railroad, aviation and military roots, as well as strong American designs.

Jazzmaster Collection

The Jazzmaster series contains outstanding variations on a theme combining innovations and modernity. Its classic elegance makes it very irresistible to watch lovers.

Field Collection

The Khaki Field line provides rugged construction and elegant design. These watches portray the essence of original Hamilton military watches produced in the 1940s.

Ladies Watches

Hamilton ladies watches are among the most unique and original. Drawing on vintage styles, they feature classic designs and shapes with modern twists and themes.


The brand’s history is over 120 years long. It dates back to it’s foundation in Lancaster in the US in 1982. Since, the brand has played a pioneering role in the worlds of aviation, cinema, electric and digital technology.


The brand’s distinctive watches have appeared in more than 450 Hollywood blockbusters. The relationship with Hollywood started in 1951. Actors playing naval diving heroes wore the watches in the movie The Frogmen.

Following the Hollywood tradition, Elvis Presley personally selected a Hamilton Ventura in 1961 to co-star with him in Blue Hawaii.

In 2014, the brand’s story continued in the Christopher Nolan movie, Interstellar. The movie features a Khaki Pilot Day Date and a unique customised timepiece created with the production team.

Hamilton Ventura - Elvis Presley
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